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A large collection of information accessed by Crestron software
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The Crestron Database is a large collection of information that is accessed by various Crestron software packages, including SIMPL Windows, D3 Pro, and SystemBuilder. The bulk of the Database consists of IR driver files that control AV equipment such as CD players, DVD players, and conferencing equipment. In fact, the Database supports all current control formats, including RS-232 and TCP/IP.

In addition to driver files, the Crestron Database contains hundreds of Crestron logic modules that have been pre-coded, tested and debugged at Crestron. These dedicated modules can be plugged into a program and used to automatically generate all the proper control codes for third-party device functions. Even beginning programmers can control very complex equipment using Crestron modules. The Crestron Database is continually expanded, so that it supports practically all AV equipment on the market today.

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